Joan Webley

Joan is driven by a belief that a concerted focus on developing local creative industries will correct the societal and economic problems plaguing Jamaica. This belief (held some 13 years now) led her to pursue tertiary studies in Australia where the unique course combination of an LLB and Bachelor of...

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Michael “Mikey” Bennett

Mickey Bennett is considered one of the top songwriters in contemporary Jamaican music. A former member of the Home T Band, Bennett is best known for such commercial hits as “Mek the Christmas Ketch You In A Good Mood”, “House Call”, “Mr. Loverman” both featuring Shabba Ranks, “Telephone Love”, “Can...

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Michael Skolnik

Michael Skolnik Michael Skolnik (born August 15, 1978) is a 21st-century American civil rights activist, writer, motivational speaker, social media strategist and entrepreneur. He is currently serving as the Political Director to hip-hop pioneer Russell Simmons and President of, founded by Simmons in 2007. As Political Director, Michael oversees...

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