Marcus Goffe

Marcus Goffe has served as a Trademark attorney with the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office as well as an attorney for Jamaica’s Ras Tafari community. His work has been instrumental in bridging the gap between Jamaica’s Ras Tafari community and institutions such as the World Intellectual Property Organization. Marcus Goffe served...

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Iyah Gift

Born in West Africa to a Jamaican father and a Nigerian mother, Iyah-gift’s love for creating music was first influenced by the artists his parents loved, including Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, and Louis Armstrong. After moving to Jamaica at age 10 and then to the United States at 16, Iyah-Gift’s...

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Rayven Amani

Rayven Aman former host of the cable broadcast “Yaad Beat”i is the creator of Jamaica’s Best School Band, the first inter-high school stage band competition made for television. Her first song “Wanna Be Free” was a local hit receiving favorable rotation from most of the local Jamaican radio and television...

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Olimatta Taal

Originally hailing from The Gambia, West Africa, Olimatta Taal is a busy woman. Throughout her career she has worked as an oganizer, publicist, journalist, African dancer, poet, actress, and film maker. She currently serves as the publicist for critically accalaimed recording artist Sizzla Kalonji. Ms. Taal is dedicated to working...

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Dutty Bookman

Thinker, agitator, author and family man, Dutty Bookman is credited with inspiring the term “Reggae Revival” to describe a current movement currently taking Jamiaca and the world by storm. He is also a co-founder of Manifesto|Jamaica, a youth empowerment non-profit organization. In addition, he is a talk show host on...

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Donisha Prendergast

Donisha Prendergast is the granddaughter of Rita and Bob Marley. She is, at heart, a true artist and activist. Her fresh and vibrant talent spans many disciplines. She a filmmaker and is an accomplished actor who has already had a wide range of starring roles in a number of major...

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Nadine Sutherland

Nadine Sutherland Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Nadine Sutherland began performing in 1979, winning the Tastee Talent Contest that year (beating Paul Blake and Yellowman). She has the distinction of being the first artist signed by Bob Marley to hisTuff Gong label, recording “Starvation on the Land” at age eleven. In...

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Marissa Longsworth

Manager of Copyright and Related Rights Directorate at JIPO, Marissa Longsworth has distinguished herself in the area of copyright. A licensed attorney, Marissa Longworth brings a wealth of know of copyright to JIPO. Marissa Longsworth spoke at the JMC 2014 on the protections provided by Jamaica’s copyright.

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