Michael Skolnik

Michael Skolnik
Michael Skolnik (born August 15, 1978) is a 21st-century American civil rights activist, writer, motivational speaker, social media strategist and entrepreneur. He is currently serving as the Political Director to hip-hop pioneer Russell Simmons and President of GlobalGrind.com,[1] founded by Simmons in 2007. As Political Director, Michael oversees Simmons’ entire social justice and political activities, including relationships with elected officials.

In his role as president In early 2009, Skolnik was hired by Russell Simmons to serve as the political editor for GlobalGrind.com, an online destination founded by Simmons and Accel Partners. GlobalGrind.com is Hip-Pop, the “hip” side of popular culture. Chronicling celebrities, lifestyle content, entertainment news, fashion, music and politics with an authoritative voice, GlobalGrind reaches over 4.7 million people a month, serving a large multi-racial segment of the 18-34 population.

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